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Every once in a while, a great product appears on the market and changes how things work. The Grooming Tab is one such product. Because there’s never been any solvent able to clean mineral waste, up until its invention. It’s the world’s first bath tablet, and it’s made and patented in Japan.


Deep cleanse without shampoo and soap!

The difference between the Grooming Tab and regular pet shampoos is substantial. Because the Grooming tab surpasses regular shampoos as a cleansing agent. It washes off sticky sweat, sebum, and mineral waste without the use of any synthetic chemical compound. Regular pet shampoos can only get rid of grease and dirt, without removing old keratin and mineral waste in clogged pores.

〜 I don’t need shampoo to smell purrfect!

Removes what regular pet shampoos can’t – the source of pet odour.

The root cause of pet odours is stale fats sticking to mineral waste getting trapped in your pet’s fur coat and between the paw pads. Regular pet shampoos cannot remove mineral waste but the Grooming Tab can!

Your odour is still making me giddy.
Go bathe again with the Grooming Tab.
And then we’ll play.
Again?! Hmmph!!!

Improve health and immunity

Bicarbonate ions dissolved in water infused with the Grooming Tab helps to expand blood vessels to promote increased blood flow. Your pet’s metabolism subsequently increases, resulting in improved immunity.

Using the Grooming Tab has made me
look better,
smell better,
and feel better!
Finally, a friend that smells like how a friend should be.
Ok, go play with yourself.
I’ll have a nap.




The acid mantle is a fine film on the surface of the skin. It protects the stratum corneum – the porous topmost layers that keeps the outer body hydrated. When bathing, soaps and shampoos take away the acid mantle. This leaves the stratum corneum vulnerable to a host of microorganisms which then upsets the skin’s pH balance. Skin becomes more sensitive when this happens and it applies to both animals and humans.

But do you know that the skin of canines and felines is even more delicate than infants? The skin of dogs and cats is just a third the thickness of human skin. It is in fact more fragile even with a fur coating. More importantly, they have alkaline skin ranging from 5.5 – 7.5 for dogs to 6.8 – 8.5 for cats. This is why it is important to ensure your pet’s skin maintains an alkaline pH level.

Triple action of the Grooming Tab

The triple effects of bicarbonate ions, hydrogen ions and citric acid wash off mineral dirt and silicon dirt clogged in the hair root. Bicarbonate ions and hydrogen ions makes the fur coat resilient while adding volume and a silky touch to it. Negative ions make the tissue surface shiny.

Common misconceptions on how the Grooming Tab works

Contrary to popular belief, there is little carbon dioxide involved in the effect of the Grooming Tab. The power of the Grooming Tab lies in bicarbonate ions instead of carbon dioxide.


Carbon dioxide is acidic (pH4 – 5), scatters into the air quickly and does not dissolve well in water. Once the Grooming Tab comes into contact with water, carbon dioxide is generated. However, it converts into bicarbonate ions and hydrogen ions almost immediately to dissolve in the water.


Bicarbonate is present in all body fluids and organs in both humans and animals. It plays a major role in the acid-base balances within the body. Unfortunately, bicarbonate deficiencies occur when we don’t exercise regularly or when the vascular system begins to deteriorate as less oxygen is delivered to the cells.

When the body absorbs bicarbonate ions through the skin, it causes the body to synthesise and release nitric oxide into the inner lining of a blood vessel. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels thereby increasing blood circulation and oxygen absorption. When oxygen is absorbed, bicarbonate ions and carbon dioxide within the body are excreted as by-products. This helps in the maintenance of the pH of blood as part of natural process known as homeostasis.


The period was pre-WWII. I got posted by my employers then to Nauheim, Germany. I saw the natural carbonated springs there used in medical care facilities. It gave me the inspiration to create a bath supplement. One that could simulate the effect of natural carbonated springs in the comforts of our own homes.

Retirement finally gave me the opportunity to realize this dream. I did thorough research on natural carbonated springs found in Germany and Japan. I knew I wanted to replicate the same chemical reactions from them. But the real challenge for me was to make a bath supplement that triggers all of those effects. I remember the period when I embarked on the development of the carbonated bath tablet. No one was able to combine bicarbonate and citric acid then.

I finally succeeded in developing a PEG micro capsule granulation technique. This technique generates carbon dioxide bubbles slowly enough to convert into bicarbonate ions in water. The bath supplement we manufacture creates water with the same composition to those of carbonated springs. They replicate the water quality of the natural carbonate springs found in Bad Nauheim, Germany and the famous Nagayu hot springs in Oita prefecture, Japan. We have received many compliments from our customers since The Grooming Tab’s inception in 2009. The overwhelming response is nothing short of a pleasant surprise.

Our mission is to promote health and longevity through a process as simple and easy as bathing. We wish all customers good health through bathing!

Shigeharu Koboshi

Inventor of the Grooming Tab
Chief Executive Officer,

HOT ALBUM Tansansen Tablet, Inc.



Sodium bicarbonate, Citric acid, Sodium carbonate, PEG6000, Sodium caprylyl sulfonate

Points to note

‣While the water infused with Grooming Tab is not for drinking, you do not need to induce vomiting if your pet happens to lick or drink it.

‣Take care not to allow pets to swallow the tablet. If this happens, see a vet immediately.

‣Consult a vet when there are any scratches, swelling, eczema or inflammation.

‣Grooming Tab cannot be used for other purposes apart from cleansing, washing, bathing and soaking your pets.

Storage notes

‣Make sure to zip up properly each time you open the pack.

‣Keep Grooming Tab out of reach for babies and pets.

‣Do not store at hot and humid places and do not expose to direct sunlight.


It has come to our attention that there are unauthorized resellers selling counterfeit Grooming Tab products. Counterfeit products look similar but do not contain the same ingredients and concentration. Authorized Partners of the Grooming Tab own an official retailer mark containing a unique serial number. This mark and unique serial number is issued by the Japanese manufacturer. Authorized Partners are also required to be certified as Grooming Tab Certified Pet Bath Advisors. Retailers that do not display this mark or certificate may not be carrying genuine products. Always insist on the provision of these documentation to ensure you are purchasing the genuine product from a reliable source.


Practical Use
What is the best way to use the Grooming Tab? ↴
The Grooming Tab is usable and equally effective by both showering and soaking. For soaking, simply immerse the tablet in your tub. For showering, you will need a shower head with a compartment to fit the tablet.
If I use the Grooming Tab with a shower head, how long will the tablet last before it completely melts? ↴
Depending on the size your shower head, it will melt completely in approximately 5 minutes.
Is it ok to use soap or shampoo before or after using the Grooming Tab even if it is unnecessary? ↴
It is ok to do so if you wish. Regular soap and shampoos reduce the moisture level of the skin. The Grooming Tab removes only mineral waste and grease while preserving the natural sebum and moisture levels of your pet’s skin.
Why are shampoos not recommended for use together with the Grooming Tab? ↴
Shampoos and soaps generally contain a lot of chemicals, such as SLS or paraben, and some of which can be very harsh to the skin. Harsh chemicals take away the lipid barrier of the skin or keratin surface, increasing the dermal absorption of chemicals. When these chemicals get absorbed into the body through the skin, the sympathetic nerves are triggered. This causes blood vessels to constrict, lowering blood circulation and causing body temperature to drop. The health of skin and fur is related to how well the blood circulates.
Can I use the Grooming Tab with other bath salts or essence? ↴
We do not recommend mixing Grooming Tab with other products as they may be acidic or contain fragrances, colorants and other additives. This lowers the effect of Grooming Tab. Colorants and fragrances may cause skin sensitivity. Animals generally have especially sharp noses and fragrances are not recommended.
Is it ok if I break the Grooming Tab into small pieces? ↴
Do not break the Grooming Tab into pieces.The Grooming Tab is effective precisely because of its hardness. The hardness of the tablet allows micro carbon dioxide to be produced and converted into bicarbonate ions immediately without escaping out to the air. After converting to bicarbonate ions, they dissolve in water as an active agent.
What if the water from the Grooming Tab gets into my pet's eyes? Will it sting? ↴

The water produced from use of the Grooming Tab is safe and harmless. It does not contain any ingredients that may harm the eyes and will not sting your pet’s eyes even if it gets into them.

Is it alright for my pet to soak in a tub of warm water infused with the Grooming Tab even when the weather is hot? ↴
Yes. The Grooming Tab bath gently treats and heals the body, damaged fur and fatigue caused by ultraviolet rays.
If I use it for soaking my pet, will the Grooming Tab cause any damage to my bathtub? ↴
The Grooming Tab is neutral and does not contain any ingredients that cause damage to the bathtub. However, we are not liable for any damages to your bathtubs. Please consult with your bathtub supplier or manufacturer when in doubt.
I've noticed that my bathtub seems cleaner after I used it for soaking my pet. How is it possible that the Grooming Tab seems capable of cleaning the bath tub? ↴
The Grooming Tab can remove mineral waste including mineral waste sediments left on the bathtub.
What is the shelf life for the Grooming Tab? Why is there no expiry date indicated on the package?
If your Grooming Tab is unopened, it should last 3 years from the date of production if kept in a cool and dry area. The date of production can be traced by the lot number on the packaging.

If you have opened the packaging of the Grooming Tab, the shelf life of the tablets may differ depending on the storage conditions . The tablet may be used as long as there is no rough texture on its surface.

In accordance to Japanese law, any product that passes the 3 year degradation test is not required to indicate an expiry date on the product.

What is mineral waste? ↴
The skin is an excretory organ and it excretes excess minerals such as calcium and magnesium through sweat. The source of odour is stale fat adhered to minerals excreted from the hair root. No chemical detergents and shampoo could cleanse off mineral waste until now.
Will keratin remain if we wash our pet with shampoo? ↴
A lot of keratin is shed from skin each day as part of skin turnover. The Grooming Tab only removes unnecessary old keratin with the natural cleansing power of bicarbonate and citric acid. Regular shampoo on the other hand gets rid of only grease dirt and does not remove old keratin or scurf.
What is the difference between regular hot water and carbonated spring? ↴
Carbonated spring is simply hot water with carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved in it.
Will the carbon dioxide of Grooming Tab evaporate into air like carbonated drinks? ↴
Only 1.05g (1050ppm) of carbon dioxide gets dissolved in every 1L in hot water. Even then, carbon dioxide is acidic and it easily evaporates just like carbonated drinks. Carbonated gas bath supplements in the market have no effect once the gas evaporates but the effects of Grooming Tab remain in the water for up to 24 hours.
Why can’t we get the same effect using powder sodium bicarbonate and citric acid? ↴
Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid dissolves and evaporates into the air once it touches water. In natural carbonated springs, carbon dioxide slowly dissolves thoroughly under high pressure at 1000 meters below the ground. The Grooming Tab has developed a technology that simulates this condition by creating very hard tablets. This hardness causes the carbon dioxide to be generated slowly enough to get converted to bicarbonate ion and hydrogen ions in water.  Furthermore, the amount of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid that the tablet contains is scientifically calculated to cause this reaction to happen immediately.
What is the difference between carbon dioxide and bicarbonate ions? ↴
There is very little carbon dioxide in Grooming Tab. Generated carbon dioxide is quickly neutralised into bicarbonate ions, then dissolved in water. Grooming Tab is not acidic like carbonated spring. It has a neutral Ph which is the same as the pH of blood. Moreover, bicarbonate ions can easily dissolve in water while carbon dioxide cannot.
Does artificial carbonated spring have similar effects? ↴
Some bathhouses and spas deploy huge and expensive equipments to produce artificial carbonated springs. Unfortunately carbon dioxide is an acid which dissolves into air easily and does not convert into bicarbonate ions on its own.
Is it true that it is not effective if the carbon dioxide bubbles does not adhere to the skin? ↴
The bubbles do not contribute to the efficacy of the bath. Carbon dioxide bubbles stick to the skin when it reaches a level called supersaturation. This happens when gases are no longer soluble due to saturation. At this state, carbon dioxide is acidic and will not convert to bicarbonate ions even if does get dissolved. There are no beneficial effects when this happens.
Why does the Grooming Tab removes chlorine in water? ↴
When carbon dioxide converts to bicarbonate ion, hydrogen ion is evolved. Hydrogen is a reducing agent that can remove chlorine through neutralisation.
What is Polyethylene glycol? Is it a surfactant? ↴
Polyethylene glycol (PEG6000) is a necessary trace constituent to mould a tablet. PEG6000 is commonly used in bath supplements in the market. It is a safe and harmless neutral polymer.

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