Professional Use Shower Head

If you use the Grooming Tab regularly, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to open and close the Professional Use Shower Head cap. At just 95 grams, it is lightweight and small enough to fit your hand. The size allows for better grip, so you achieve better control. The Grooming Tab Professional Use Shower Head features a side switch. This switch allows you to adjust the desired water flow. Transparent plastic used in the design allows the user to see the tablet dissolving.

The Grooming Tab Professional Use Shower Head comes with a shower extension. This extension is designed for users who prefer a longer handle. A tablet encasement inside the shower head holds the tablet snugly. There are 3 of these, with different hole sizes. The hole size of the tablet encasements affect the dissolving speed of the tablet.

This shower head is made from high quality durable parts. The Grooming Tab Professional Use Shower Head is an official Grooming Tab product with its key components developed in Japan, and assembled in Korea, renown for their expertise in shower heads manufacturing.